The State of Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) is responsible for obtaining child support through paternity actions in the state. You may find yourself on the receiving end of an action in which the DOR is pursuing you for child support because you are the “refuted” father of the child in question. The reason the DOR is responsible for this task is because two parents are responsible for bearing the cost of the child in question, as opposed to allowing the state, and its taxpayers, to burden the responsibility of caring, at least financially, for said children. Different scenarios call for different responses. You may object to the action because you are not the parent of the child and thus must fight the paternity case. Other times, you accept your responsibility but are seeking the most cost-sensitive way of caring for your child, as opposed to being “taken to the cleaners” by the DOR. We here at Green, James and Snider have always understood the difficulties and headaches of dealing with the Department of Revenue and thus can offer you the exceptional service of a Jacksonville family lawyer when problems arise.