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Deciding to get a divorce can be a difficult decision and many emotions will begin to play out. While the decision to go forward with the divorce may be the most difficult, the road ahead through the, often times, turbulent legal battle and court system can be overwhelming. At Green, James and Snider, our goal is to fight aggressively for you during that difficult and trying journey while making it as painless as possible for you. Both contested and uncontested divorce require certain aspects to be met under § 61, Florida Statutes. Your marriage must either be: 1) irretrievably broken or 2) one of the parties must be mentally incapacitated. However, there are differences between having a contested and uncontested divorce. While most divorces are contested, meaning you and your partner do not agree on one of a number of things including: equitable distribution, child custody/time-sharing, child support, alimony, etc.; uncontested divorces, meaning both parties agree on everything, do occur. When it comes to divorce proceedings, the family law Jacksonville, FL lawyers clients trust are from Green, James and Snider. We are committed to handling your particular divorce in a manner which is beneficial to you, whether that means pursuing a contested or uncontested divorce.

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A divorce lawyer jacksonville has the experience it takes to effectively settle a divorce case. Even though this troublesome time during a couple’s life may seem like it will never end, divorce lawyers in jacksonville fl are able to step in and assist both parties and any children involved in the case, which in turn helps a family to quickly get through the legal procedures involved with a divorce.

It is important to remember that a jacksonville divorce lawyer understands that divorce cases are about much more than legal matters. He or she keeps in mind that emotions are involved too. Since a divorce lawyer jacksonville is able to provide adequate legal representation to the courts, anyone hiring divorce lawyers in jacksonville fl are able to rest assured he or she will have the divorce case settled in the best manner possible.

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