Domestic violence is a sad reality in our society. When dealing with a spouse or loved one, you may find yourself, unfortunately, as the recipient of verbal, emotional, and physical violence. Green, James and Snider has years of experience in dealing with domestic violence and injunction issues. When you fear for your safety or the safety of your children, you can turn to our family law attorneys in  Jacksonville or Orlando for immediate help. We take every threat seriously and will do everything within the law to ensure that your safety is protected. Please contact us if you feel threatened and need the legal help to protect you and your family.

Perhaps even more unfortunate, is the sad truth that the true need and creation of injunctions is becoming undermined by people attempting to “use” the injunction system to achieve a preferred goal, perhaps in a custody/time-sharing case. You may have had an argument with your spouse, and are subsequently served with a temporary injunction the following day. While we at Green, James and Snider are committed to protecting the safety of domestic violence victims; we are certainly adamant about exposing those who are not victims but try to appear as such. Having a permanent injunction entered against you can take its toll, with regard to your record, your job, and the community. Please contact us if you have been issued an injunction so that we may help you fight it, modify it, or dissolve it.